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Documents of Revolutionary
Socialism in Canada

Document Index
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The Socialist History Project's principal objective is to make available key resolutions, statements, and articles reflecting the views and activities of Marxists in Canada in the 20th Century. There is an enormous amount of material available to draw from, so we place priority on material that illustrates the most important political positions and activities of the Marxist left.

Suggestions for appropriate documents are very welcome; and even more welcome are digital copies of documents, ideally in Word or RTF format.

We are also eager to receive articles and essays about the history of the left in Canada for the Essays and Reviews section, as well as personal reminiscences and obituaries of individual socialists for the Remembering page.

This index is organized roughly in chronological order, subdivided by key organizations and/or major political issues. Over time we will add much more material, and undoubtedly new divisions and subdivisions.

We make every effort to ensure that our transcriptions are accurate, but the process of scanning old and often damaged documents sometimes produces errors. If you find typos or other mistakes, please email ian@socialisthistory.ca

Books and Long Pamphlets

Essays, Reviews, etc.

Debating the Russian Revolution

The Pre-Communist Left

The Communist Party of Canada, 1918-1928

The Underground, 1918-1921

To the Masses! 1921-1927

The Communist Party of Canada, 1929 -

World War II

Canadian Trotskyism, 1928-1961

Against the Stream, 1928-1940

Trotskyists and the CCF, 1932-1961

World War II, 1939-1945

Revolutionary Workers Party, 1946-1955 Socialist Educational League & Socialist Information Centre 1955-1961

The 'Lovestonites' in Canada, 1930-1939

Socialist Party of Canada, 1931-

Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF), 1932-1961

Fair Play for Cuba Committee (1960-1970)

League for Socialist Action/Ligue Socialiste Ouvrière, 1961-1977

Manifestos and Founding Statements

Defending the Cuban Revolution

The National Struggle in Quebec

A Revolutionary Youth Movement

The New Democratic Party

Vietnam and the Anti-War Movement

Women's Liberation

First Nations

Gay Liberation

The Debate on Canadian Nationalism, 1968-1973

The Debate with Ernest Mandel, 1973

Election Campaigns

Other Topics

Canadian Party of Labour 1969-1984

Revolutionary Marxist Group, 1973-1977

En Lutte! 1974-1982

Revolutionary Workers League, 1977-1988

International Socialists, 1975-

Socialist League/Forward Group, 1974-

Waffle Group/Movement for an Independent Socialist Canada, 1969-1975


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