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This appeal appeared in a box on page 1 of the second issue of The Worker, the newspaper of the Workers Party of Canada, April 1, 1922.

Militants! Join the Party
of Your Class — The Workers’
Party of Canada

Fellow-Workers! Comrades!

The Workers Party of Canada has been organized but a short time. Yet already it is looming up as the force in Canadian Labor to be reckoned with. It is establishing itself from coast to coast. It is the only militant political organization in the field. It is the party the Canadian workers have been waiting for.

The Workers’ Party has profited by the experiences of the past of other parties, the failure of the old-time Socialist parties and the present day "Labor parties."

It knows the difference between a study-circle and a political party. It is not going to be a cheap electioneering machine. It is not going to deceive the workers into believing that Parliamentary legislation will ever emancipate them. Then what are the aims and policies of our Party?

The Workers’ Party stands for:

  1. A strong, united, class-conscious, militant labor movement,
  2. That will realize that the dictatorship of Capital, wages slavery, unemployment, hunger, cold, spiritual poisoning and intimidation can be abolished only by
  3. Breaking the political power of this capitalist "democracy" — by bringing the class struggle to a successful issue — by establishing the rule, the dictatorship of the workers. And therefore, the Workers’ Party calls for
  4. Cessation of the yellow "labor leader" policy of humble petition to Capitalism, and co-operation with Capital, Labor’s deadly enemy, and stands instead for a United Front of Labor for Action against Capital.

Fellow-workers! Comrades! The Workers Party already embraces several thousand militant class-conscious workers. But there are still tens of thousands of militants outside our party who have not yet come into touch with it. To you workers we appeal to join the party of your class, the workers’ Party of Canada, and help to make it a real party of struggle — a real mass power.

Line up with the Workers’ Party. Join up with the branch of your locality. Workers of the World, unite!

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