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 The LSA’s 1974 Civic Election Campaigns

Below is the text of the League for Socialist Action's 1974 Toronto municipal election campaign brochure. The original was a 4-page tabloid. Similar brochures were issued in the other cities where the LSA/LSO ran candidates in 1974.

For an outline of the thinking that went into writing these brochures, see Report on our Civic Election Program.

For more information on the campaigns themselves, see Selected Articles from Labor Challenge on the 1974 Civic Election Campaigns.


FIGHT INFLATION with cost-of-living clauses in all union contracts. Jobs for all through a shorter workweek with no cut in pay. 32 hours work for 40 hours pay.

DEFEND LABOR’S RIGHTS. Support the right to strike of CSAO and all public workers.

FOR WOMEN’S LIBERATION. Equal pay. Free 24-hour childcare facilities. Repeal the anti-abortion law. Drop the charges against Dr. Morgentaler.

STOP EDUCATION CUTBACKS. For student, teacher and staff control of the schools.

END COP BRUTALITY. For an independent inquiry by the union movement into the police.

Joan Campana for Mayor

For City Council: Penny Simpson, Ward 4; Fred Nelson, Ward 6; Sandra Fox, Ward 7; Kate Alderdice, Ward 7; Brian Duhig, Ward 9; Mary Trew, Ward 9

For Board of Education: David Johnson, Ward 4; Pam Dineen, Ward 6; Joanne Pritchard, Ward 6

The League for Socialist Action

A Socialist Program for Toronto

1. Defend Workers Against Inflation

While workers real wages are dropping because of soaring prices, the profits of big business are at an all-time high. The after-tax profits of Canadian corporations were up 45.4 percent in the first half of 1974.

These same corporations and financial institutions run Toronto, and control its civic government. It is this tiny minority which benefits from runaway prices — the developers, the big merchants, the factory owners, and the banks.

The capitalist system, not workers; is responsible for inflation. There will be no end to inflation without the nationalization of big business under workers’ control, and the democratic planning of production so that working people’s needs are met.

But immediate measures can be taken that will protect working people, pensioners and all those with low incomes from the ravages of soaring prices. The League for Socialist Action proposes:

  • Unlimited cost-of-living escalator clauses for all workers, assuring that wages and salaries increase in pace with rising prices, based on an index calculated by committees of trade-union and consumer representatives.
  • Reopening of contracts that fail to keep pace with inflation.
  • Pensions, unemployment insurance, welfare and other social service benefits should increase in pace with rising prices.
  • For an increase in the minimum wage, to a level determined by the trade union movement, and increased with the cost of living.
  • The Toronto city administration and Board of Education should apply these measures immediately to city employees, teachers, and other school-board employees and should extend them to employees of all firms operating under city licence or contracts.
  • If the corporations claim they aren’t the cause of soaring prices let them prove it. Open the books of the developers and food monopolies to trade union inspection.

2. Defend Labor’s Rights

Ontario’s big-business Tory government is in the front line of the attack on workers’ standard of living. Over the past year the Davis government has used compulsory arbitration, back-to-work legislation, and threats of fines and imprisonment against teachers, hospital workers, TTC drivers, and civil servants, who simply demanded their rights. Toronto needs a city council which defends workers’ struggles against these attacks. The LSA supports:

  • The right to strike of all public workers including civil servants, hospital workers and teachers. Support the Civil Service Association of Ontario in its fight for better wages and against legislation denying it the right to strike.
  • Stop government strikebreaking through compulsory arbitration and back-to-work legislation. No police interference in picket lines.
  • The unconditional right of all workers to strike during the term of a contract.
  • Rank-and-file control over union affairs. No government interference in the unions. Campaign for the repeal of all laws limiting labor’s ability to defend itself.
  • City council must speak out and act on all major social issues of the day. A positive example was its support to the rallies and pickets of the embattled California farmworkers.

3. Jobs For All

Sharply rising unemployment is predicted in the coming year. Big business sees a large pool of jobless as a necessary tool to create competition for jobs and to hold wages down. Both Trudeau and Davis governments promote unemployment and the suffering it causes. The LSA proposes:

  • Shorten the-work week to 82 hours, with no loss in pay, as the Canadian Labor Congress demands. The progressive shortening of the work week can spread the available work around and guarantee jobs for all. Apply the shorter work week to civic workers and fight for its extension to all workers.
  • Create jobs by undertaking a massive program of public works in Toronto, including needed public housing, public transit services, child-care facilities, hospitals and schools.
  • For unemployment insurance payments for the entire period a person is out of work, at trade union rates of pay.

4. Low Rent Housing

The average price of a home in Metro in August was $56,000, far beyond the reach of most working people. There are now 10,000 people on the waiting list for subsidized housing, with thousands more waiting to get on the list. The apartment vacancy rate is now less than one percent. The Ontario Housing Corporation has a Metro target of 4,000 new units annually. Yet so far this year not one unit has been started, and plans call for only 57 units in 1974. This crisis is clearly the result of big business profiteering in housing and real estate. The LSA proposes:

  • A massive program of low-rent, high-quality public housing under tenants’ control.
  • Nationalize the land speculators, developers and big landlords.
  • Establish the right of tenants to negotiate collectively with landlords, including the right to undertake rent strikes without reprisals.
  • End all tax concessions to big business, churches and private schools. Tax those who can afford to pay for needed social services — the rich and the corporations.

5. For Women’s Liberation

Women suffer discrimination and oppression at all levels of this society. They are denied the opportunity to play a creative, productive and leading role in social life.

Child-care facilities are practically non-existent except for the rich. More than 300,000 children need day care in Ontario, but there are only 40,000 places and only 10,000 of these receive any government subsidy. Thousands of parents are on the waiting list. Women suffer systematic job discrimination, and are streamed into low-paying positions.

Access to abortion is increasingly under attack. For example, the family-planning clinic at Women’s College Hospital has almost stopped doing abortions in the past few months because the resident doctor in charge is against abortion.

To fight women’s oppression the LSA proposes:

  • A woman’s right to choose whether and when to bear children. Establish abortion clinics available to all women without charge. Fight for repeal of the federal antiabortion law. Join the campaign to defend Dr. Morgentaler and other victims of this unjust law. For free contraception and birth control information and devices, including voluntary sterilization, available to all. No forced sterilization.
  • Massive construction of child-care facilities that are free and available at all times, controlled by those who use and work in them.
  • Equal pay for similar work and equal job opportunities, beginning at City Hall. Preferential hiring of women by city government to counter the effect of decades of job discrimination.

6. Free Mass Transit

More expressways and widened streets will not solve the problems of massive traffic congestion and automobile pollution. Higher fares will not lead to a more efficient, less crowded transit system. In place of this chaotic and wasteful transportation system, the LSA proposes:

  • A crash program to build an adequate mass public transit system for Toronto.
  • Abolish fares to encourage use of public transit.

7. End Police Harassment

Recent Globe and Mail articles have detailed shocking examples of police brutality and torture. Incidents of police brutality have been increasing. The victims are society’s oppressed: blacks, youth, workers on strike and gay people. The police are a force of repression charged with upholding the rule of the rich few who control society.

  • End police harassment of blacks, striking workers, youth and gays.
  • For an independent inquiry into the activities of the Toronto police controlled by the trade union movement and including representatives of organizations of the oppressed. Stop the cover-up of the police by the Maloney and Morand inquiries.
  • Tell the truth about the police by opening their records to the public. Stop police spying on unions and radical groups.

8. End Canada’s Imperialist World Role

Troops from Canada have been sent to Cyprus and the Middle East to maintain the status quo of imperialist exploitation of these people. These same soldiers were used during the 1970 War Measures Act crisis to intimidate the Quebecois and deny their right to self-determination. They were sent to Vietnam to cover-up U.S. crimes against the Indochinese people.

  • No Phony "peacekeeping" troops. Bring the troops home from Cyprus and the Middle East.
  • Withdraw from NATO and NORAD.

9. End Discrimination Against Immigrants

The government prevented many refugees from the bloody coup in Chile from coming to this country because of their political views. Haitian refugees in Montreal are being deported at grave risk to their lives. It is estimated that there may be as many as 100,000 "illegal" immigrants in Toronto alone. These immigrants are cruelly exploited by the employers. The LSA proposes:

  • End all restrictions on immigrants. Full and immediate citizenship to all immigrants.
  • Oppose Canada’s criminal policy of refusing Chile refugees asylum in Canada. Open Canada’s doors to victims of repression. Make all city facilities available to political refugees.
  • End streaming of immigrants into technical courses and low-paying jobs. Guaranteed jobs for all immigrants.

10. Stop Government Attacks on Education

Since 1970, as part of its policy of cutting back on social services, the Tory government has instituted unilateral cutbacks in education spending. This has resulted in deteriorating conditions in the schools: larger classes, less supplies, fewer teaching positions, and attacks on teachers’ bargaining rights. The schools are job training and socializing centers for big business. They should be turned into mobilizing centers for action to change society. The LSA proposes:

  • Stop the cutbacks. No ceilings on education spending. Reduce class sizes with no lay-offs or firing of teachers.
  • Meet the demands of teachers for salary increases, decent working conditions and job security.
  • For the unrestricted right of all students, teachers and staff to organize and strike.
  • Schools should be democratically run by those who study and work there: for control of the schools by students, teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • For schools that serve the needs of women. End the streaming of women into courses such as secretarial work and nursing. Free access to birth control information and devices. Sex education at all levels.
  • Students must have the right to form clubs, to raise any point without fear of reprisals, to edit an uncensored student newspaper, to freely elect their representatives, to have control over discipline. Teach the truth about the. struggles of working people, native people, trade unions, women and other oppressed groups.

11. For Native Rights

In Kenora, Ontario Ojibway Warriors occupied Anicinabe Park to protest unjust, discriminatory and racist practices against them, and to demand the return of land that had been stolen from them. When the Native Caravan reached Ottawa it was subjected to a vicious attack by the RCMP. To end oppression of native people the League For Socialist Action proposes:

  • Recognize native land claims.
  • End discrimination against Toronto’s 18,000 native people.
  • End police harassment.
  • Support the struggle of native people for sovereignty over their reserves.

12. Civil and Human Rights For Gays

Gay people, 10 percent of Canada’s population, are oppressed and discriminated against because of their sexuality. To fight gay oppression. the League for Socialist Action proposes:

  • Repeal the sections of the Canadian criminal code dealing with homosexuality.
  • End discrimination against homosexuals in employment, housing and immigration regulations.
  • End police entrapment and harassment of gays.

13. For Labor Political Action — For an NDP Slate

The present City Council does not represent the interests of Toronto’s majority. It is dominated by agents of the big banks and corporations. Most alderpersons are Liberals and Tories committed to maintaining the profit system.

The ‘reformers’ on Council offer no alternative to big business control of City Hall. Their programs are limited to petty reforms. As "independents" they are not responsible to the only power which can challenge big business rule. Only the mass organizations of the labor movement have the power to overturn big-business rule and the profit system,

The New Democratic Party is the sole mass party of the English Canadian labor movement. Organizationally independent of the corporations, it represents a working class alternative in federal and provincial elections — even though its program is limited to reforms which neither challenge the rule of big business nor meet the needs of working people.

The New Democratic Party has failed to field any candidate in this election. The LSA calls on the NDP to fulfill its responsibilities to the labor movement by contesting corporate rule at all levels of government.

Federally and provincially, labor spurns the overtures of the big business parties, and supports the NDP, the mass party of the labor movement. In the same way the Labor Council of Metropolitan Toronto must reject the individual reformers, and press for the NDP’s entry into the Toronto civic arena.

In the absence of an NDP slate on December 2, labor should support the only working-class alternative independent of big-business in this election — the candidates of the League for Socialist Action.

14. For A Socialist Canada

Capitalism — the rule of big business — must be abolished. Working people need to throw the capitalist parties out of office and form their own government committed to policies that will fundamentally transform society. The entire apparatus of government, set up to defend the interests of the corporations, must be replaced.

The needs of working people can only be met by creating a planned economy, where ownership and control of the big corporations and banks are taken from the tiny minority of capitalists and placed in the hands of the working people, to be run democratically.

A workers’ and farmers’ government in Canada will recognize the right of self-determination of the Quebecois. It will dismantle the repressive military apparatus, using the more than $2 billion "defense" budget for useful social services. It will get out of NATO, NORAD and follow international policies which promote the struggles of the oppressed. It will defend and extend civil liberties and basic democratic rights.

Reorganized on a socialist basis, Canada can be free of racism, sexism, poverty, economic insecurity and exploitation. When the vast resources available to us are used to serve the needs of all instead of the profits of the few, and when Canada is part of a world socialist commonwealth, then the way will be opened for unparalleled growth in culture, freedom and the development of every individual.

Such a society is worth fighting for.

The Socialist Alternative

Socialists often hear the comment that "Socialism is a good idea but it’s not practical." But today it’s becoming more apparent than ever that it is the present system — capitalism — that is impractical and unworkable.

In Toronto, the living standards of the vast majority — workers, women, youth, immigrants —  are going down every month. According to the Canadian Labour Congress, the real weekly wages of workers dropped an average of $5.50 last year. Toronto tenants are expected to pay from $30 to $60 more on rent in the coming year. The price of food has gone up 37 percent in the past two years and prices continue to soar.

When workers fight back to defend their standard of living, they are ordered back to work through government-imposed compulsory arbitration, as in the TTC strike, or threatened with injunctions, fines and police harassment, as in the Artistic Woodworkers strike.

Women are condemned to the status of second sex. Women’s income is less than 60 percent that of men. Most women are confined to their homes by the lack of child-care facilities. The quality of such child-care services as exist are being cutback by the Ontario government. In Toronto there are long waiting lists for existing day-care centres, which are crowded, understaffed and very expensive. Women seeking abortions find greater restrictions at a time when two-thirds of Canadians favor repeal of the anti-abortion law.

The quality of life in Toronto is deteriorating. While people in the east end suffer lead poisoning, polluting companies continue to rake in millions in profits. Real-estate sharks and big landlords force most working people to spend more than 30 percent of their income on rent.

In the schools, students face deteriorating standards of education as the government cuts back spending, reduces staff and refuses to build adequate schools. While corporations get millions each year from the Davis government through tax concessions, teachers get poorer salaries and working conditions.

End Big Business Rule

What has been the response of the present city administration led by Mayor David Crombie? According to a July 1974 Toronto Citizen survey, Crombie and the majority of City Council have generally voted in favor of big-business developers. Crombie, a Progressive Conservative, voted against a motion adopted by City Council calling on the Tory government to withdraw legislation denying teachers the right to resign.

Apologists for the ruling class argue that municipal politics should be free from the partisanship of federal and provincial politics. But municipal politics is partisan. The majority of Toronto’s municipal politicians are Liberals and Tories, members of the parties of big business, corporate developers and real-estate speculators. The big business controlled City Council guarantees financial deals for large developers like Cadillac, MEPC, Canadian Properties Ltd., and others.

‘Reformers’ like John Sewell and Dan Heap provide no solution; they have no program to challenge big business rule at City Hall. Since January, Heap has been a member of the Board of Health. But he has been powerless to stop the corporate lead pollution. He himself had to admit, "the lead is still coming down, we haven’t brought an end to pollution." Small reforms and individual ‘reform’ candidates will not change the condition of working people.

For a Workers’ City Government

Working people need a city government that rules in their interests, and fights for their rights. Such a city government, controlled by Toronto’s working people and oppressed, would develop housing, transportation and other vital services to meet people’s needs, not the profit needs of the giant corporations.

A workers’ city government would be a powerful force in the Canada-wide movement for social change. It would lead working people in the fight against inflation and for the repeal of Canada’s restrictive anti-abortion laws. It would put the resources of the city at the disposal of the labor movement and other movements against the injustices of capitalism.

Against the policies of Crombie and other big-business candidates, the League for Socialist Action (LSA) offers an alternative that represents the interest of working people. We don’t claim that electing us will solve workers’ problems. Only through the mass action of working people and all the oppressed fighting for their needs with rallies, demonstrations, pickets and strikes, will real social change be achieved. We are advancing a socialist program which can take these struggles forward.

The Candidates

Joan Campana is a 27-year-old worker and executive member of the Toronto LSA. Campana ran as a socialist candidate for Toronto Board of Education in 1969. In the 1972 civic campaign she was campaign manager for the socialist slate.

Campana was an activist in the Canadian anti-Vietnam-war movement in the 1960s. In 1971 she was elected Ombudswoman of the University of British Columbia student society. She was a cross-Canada coordinator of the Canadian Women’s Coalition to Repeal the Abortion Laws, and later helped form the Toronto Committee to Defend Dr. Morgentaler.

League for Socialist Action Candidates for City Council

Penny Simpson, Ward 4
Penny Simpson, 28, was financial director of the 1970 Ligue Socialiste Ouvriere (LSO) civic election campaign in Montreal. During the campaign, Simpson was arrested and held incommunicado for a week under the War Measures Act. Simpson is a member of the Central Committee of the League for Socialist Action/Ligue Socialiste Ouvriere (LSA/LSO).

Fred Nelson, Ward 6
Fred Nelson is a 23-year-old worker. Nelson is a past-president of the Saskatchewan Young New Democrats. He was also a former Provincial Executive member of the Saskatchewan NDP. Nelson is a member of the Executive Council of the Young Socialists/Ligue des Jeunes Socialistes (YS/LJS).

Kate Alderdice, Ward 7
Kate Alderdice, 28, is the Toronto Organizer of the League for Socialist Action. She has been active in the student, labor and socialist movements for 10 years. She was an active member of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers and a shop steward for the United Electrical Workers in Toronto. Alderdice was the LSA candidate in the Toronto riding of Eglinton in the July 1974 federal election.

Sandra Fox, Ward 7
Sandra Fox, 26, an office worker, was a founder of the Canadian Women’s Coalition to Repeal the Abortion Laws. She is now a member of the Coordinating Committee of the Toronto Committee to Defend Dr. Morgentaler. A resident of Ward 7, Fox has been active in the Don Vale community and the St. David’s riding association of the New Democratic Party.

Brian Duhig, Ward 9
Brian Duhig, 30, has been a trade union activist for 9 years. He is a member of Local 1 of the Letter Carriers Union of Canada and a delegate to the Toronto and District Labor Council. Duhig was active in the anti-Vietnam-war movement.

Mary Trew, Ward 9
Mary Trew is a 25-year-old commercial artist. She participated in the Abortion Caravan to Ottawa in 1970. Trew was a founding member of the Canadian Women’s Coalition to Repeal the Abortion Laws and is a member of the Toronto Committee to Defend Dr. Morgentaler. She ran for alderwoman in Vancouver in the 1970 LSA campaign.

League for Socialist Action Candidates for Board of Education

David Johnson, Ward 4
David Johnson, 19, is a past president of the Harbord Collegiate Students’ Council. Johnson, who was active in the United Steel Workers of America, is now a full-time student at the University of Toronto majoring in urban studies. He led a high school student strike against cut-backs in educational spending. Johnson is a member of the Toronto Young Socialists.

Pam Dineen, Ward 6
Pam Dineen, 29, is a biology teacher in the Borough of York. Dineen is the president of her school’s branch of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation and a member of the steering committee of the Metro Teachers’ Caucus.

Joanne Pritchard, Ward 6
Joanne Pritchard is a 17-year-old student at Jarvis Collegiate. She is active in the student and socialist movements in Toronto. As a feminist, she is concerned with the right of women, especially young women, to have access to abortion and birth control. She is an activist in the Toronto Committee to Defend Dr. Morgentaler and a member of the Toronto Young Socialists.

Join the Young Socialists

The Young Socialists for Campana want to change society. But we think that problems will not disappear by wishing or hoping them away. The only way we can get a rational society, based on the needs of the majority, is by organizing and fighting for it. That is what the League for Socialist Action campaign stands for.

The Young Socialists for Campana will be campaigning among the youth of Toronto for the socialist alternative in the December elections. We will be organizing speakouts on the campuses and in the high schools, voicing our program for social change. We will be selling our paper the Young Socialist, passing out campaign leaflets, answering questions, putting up posters, getting endorsers for the campaign, and just generally "talking socialism."

We won’t be closing up shop after election day. We participate in the struggle to change the world the year round, whether it be defending victims of repression in Latin America, support for the women’s liberation movement, organizing to free Dr. Morgentaler and to repeal the anti-abortion laws, or joining in the defense of the African revolution and defense of the United Farm Workers.

We will be organizing picket lines and demonstrations, participating in socialist educational conferences, building the fight for democratic rights in the high schools and against the Discipline Code at U. of T. We will be organizing support for workers striking for better wages and working conditions.

This January, revolutionary youth from across Canada and Quebec will gather in Toronto for a three day convention hosted by the Young Socialists for Campana. The convention will discuss the crisis of capitalism today and chart the road forward for the revolutionary youth movement.

The Young Socialists for Campana are part of an international revolutionary socialist youth movement, fighting to replace this society with a socialist one, where production and resources are controlled by the majority to serve our human needs and where every individual will have the opportunity to develop his or her potential to the fullest extent.

We know that a better world is not only possible, but absolutely necessary. If you think so too, join us in the fight.

YOUNG SOCIALISTS FOR CAMPANA — 334 Queen St. W., Toronto, 364-4056.

The League for Socialist Action

Joan Campana is the candidate of the League for Socialist Action for Mayor of Toronto December 2. This campaign is only one of the many activities of the League of Socialist Action/Ligue Socialiste Ouvriere (LSA/LSO) across Canada.

The LSA/LSO is an organization of Canadian working people united around our socialist program. We take every opportunity to present our program; to convince people of the need to do away with the repressive, unjust capitalist system, and replace it with socialism.

Many Canadian working people are moving into action in defense of their rights. Workers are striking to keep up with inflation; students are protesting education cutbacks; native people are demanding their land rights; women are fighting for equal pay, child care and the right to abortion.

And everywhere there is a searching for a solution to the problems confronting Canadian working people.

We of the LSA/LSO stand for a socialist society: where ownership and control of the means of production are taken out of the hands of the tiny minority of capitalists, and placed in the hands of the majority — the workers and their allies. The capitalist system is run for the profits of the few, not the needs of the majority. Workers are thus continually forced to fight to defend their interests. Through these struggles, they will come to see the need for socialism, to replace capitalism. The LSA/ LSO participates in these struggles, advancing a program that enables them to win.

We are militant activists in the labor movement, presenting a socialist strategy to fight the bosses and defend workers' living standards. We aim to build a militant alternative to the conservative bureaucrats who dominate the unions today.

We are prominent supporters of the campaign to repeal the reactionary abortion law, and to defend victims of the law like Dr. Mortentaler. We were among the key leaders of the anti-Vietnam war protests in this country. The LSO, our Quebec wing, plays a prominent role in actions for national rights, and intervenes actively in the labor movement.

We are consistent defenders of Soviet dissidents who have been imprisoned for their opposition to the Stalinist bureaucracy.

We defend the Soviet Union, China, Cuba and other states which have overthrown capitalism, in the face of the war drive of the U.S., Canada and other imperialist countries.

We carry on intensive educational work, through classes, publications and weekly public forums, which in Toronto are held every Friday 8 p.m. at 334 Queen St. W.

The LSA/LSO actively supports the New Democratic Party, seeing it as an historic break by the labor movement from the big business parties. We call for an NDP government, committed to socialist policies. We urge all workers to join and build the working class base of the party. At the same time, we fight within the NDP against the reformist policies of the leadership, seeking to build a mass left wing within the party.

But the NDP is not adequate to meet the needs of working people. Its leaders seek only to make capitalism work more effectively. They see themselves as mediators in the class struggle, not as leaders of workers’ independent struggles. They collaborate with the capitalists, rather than fighting to eliminate their dictatorial power. They impose their policies and views on the party from the top down. They have shaped the NDP as an electoral machine, not as an instrument of class struggle.

Another kind of party is needed, a revolutionary party that will organize and lead working people in struggle against the capitalists and government, fighting for the creation of a workers’ and farmers’ government.

History has seen powerful mass struggles by workers that failed due to the lack of such a party. A recent example was the Allende ‘experiment’ in Chile. The brutal overthrow of this democratically-elected government shows that the capitalists will commit the most savage acts to defend their profit system. It also shows the folly of those who, like Allende and his supporters, believed socialism can be achieved by electoral victory alone, without confronting the violent resistance of the bosses.

In order to avoid such a defeat, and assure the victory of working people, the LSA/LSO is committed to building a mass revolutionary party in Canada, on the model of Lenin’s and Trotsky’s Bolshevik party, which led the Russian workers to victory in 1917.

We are internationalists. Workers and oppressed people in all countries need to stand together against the worldwide system of oppression and exploitation that is capitalism. A socialist Canada can only develop in a socialist world, free from poverty, war and the domination of imperialism.

Thus, we are part of a worldwide organization of revolutionary groups. The LSA/LSO is the Canadian section of the Fourth International. Our aim is to build a mass revolutionary party on a world scale, to replace capitalism with a socialist world order.

And we’re active promoting our aims 365 days a year.

Come to the

8:00 p.m. Sat., Nov. 30
Music, Refreshments

Main Speakers:
Joan Campana, Joanne Pritchard

at the campaign headquarters
334 Queen St. W.
Information 363-9618

clip and mail to:
SOCIALIST ELECTION CAMPAIGN HEADQUARTERS, 334 Queen St. W., Toronto. Phone: 363-9618


o Enclosed is a donation of $..................... to help finance the 1974 socialist campaign. (Make cheques payable to Socialist Election Campaign, or to Anna Cushman, Campaign Manager)

o I endorse the LSA campaign as a positive alternative to the campaigns of big business candidates, although I do not necessarily agree with all the planks of the LSA Platform.
o I would like to help work for the LSA campaign.
o I would like more information on the Young Socialists for Campana.
o I would like to organize a meeting for one of the socialist candidates.

Name ........................................................... Phone...........................................................
Address ..............................................................................................................................
School Organization Occupation ....................................................................................

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